The purpose of the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis is to establish and maintain a museum for cultural and educational purposes to exhibit miniatures to members and the public; and to encourage the collection of miniature to preserve history for educational purposes.

The Museum will only collect those objects of the above nature that it is able to care for and use in a manner acceptable to the Museum.  Accessions must be the best available at the time, fill a recognized deficiency or upgrade existing collections, and be adequately documented as determined by the accessions committee.

Because the Museum will periodically change exhibits, no object can be considered on/for permanent exhibit.  Accessioned objects may be used for exhibition, study, research, loan, or deaccession.

Donations to the Museum are tax deducible to the extent allowed by law, but the Museum shall not appraise donations for tax purposes.  Nor shall Museum staff appraise items as a service for visitors.  For the protection of the donor/seller, it is recommended that appraisals be accomplished by a disinterested thrid party before the items is conveyed to the Museum.

In the event that any object(s) is/are offered as a gift/bequest, it is understand that gift/bequest is outright and unconditional.

In order to improve existing collections, make maximum best use of available space, and best serve the public interest, the Accession committee may proposed to the Board of Directors that an object or objects be removed from the collections.  Deaccessioned items may be traded to other institutions or be sold with specific approval of the Board of Directors.  None shall, in any way or at any time, be sold or conveyed to any Museum employee, member of the Board of Directors, or to their representatives.

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