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Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis


The museum has a large number of previously loved dollhouses for sale.
We are offering you a chance to with your own home by sponsoring a HOUSE RAFFLE.  
The tickets are 1 for $1.00, 6 for $5.00, 15 tickets for $10.00.

Put your (winning) name and phone number on each ticket.

Tickets will be sold in the museum gift shop and at museum events until mid-November when
winner will be announed just in time for Thanksgiving, November 23.

Winner gets choice of any house on real estate road on the long tables in the window in the classroom.  
Houses may change, but we continue to have approximately 7-10 choices available.

Check the museum gift shop!  Ask the volunteers there!

Comments or questions:  e-mail FZerb@aol.com