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Light Panels & LEDs

LED Flickering 1" Scale Fireplace Log Set

To see the flickering fireplace, click on the video below.  The price for this is $20 plus S&H.

If the video doesn't play on your browser, please block copy the url below and put in your browser:


The following pictures are of our log sets.  First, the log set in the fireplace, then a different log set shown on a fireplace grate,
and a log set on top of a 9 volt battery to give you an idea of the size.

Remember, we are selling the log set only and it runs on 12 volt DC. 
If you have an older 12 volt AC system, you still can run these by using an AC to DC adaptor shown at the bottom of this page.


We have developed a way of lighting a gift bag or other displays with a clear top. 
Basically, we place a LIGHT PANEL on top of the miniature and the LIGHT PANEL casts light down into the miniature scene
Our LIGHT PANEL is for sale for $20
plus S&H (not including a 12 DC power supply) .

Picture of Light Panel

Pictures of Light Panel On The Gift Bags


Without Light Panel

With Light Panel

The light panel we show here is 4" x 7" with LEDs and a 12 VDC power supply.
We have found that a 4" x 7" panel fits many items.  That is what we are currently delivering.
We can make different size light panels upon request, but they are slightly higher in price.

Light panels can be used to light other miniature scenes with a clear top.

We can also make light panels that are powered by older 12 AC power supplies, or the
usual electrical system used to power incandescent lighting systems at a small additional cost.

The first picture on this page shows the panel with a 12 VDC power supply.
Power supply should be 12 VDC at 500MA or larger.  The output plug should have a 5.5 X 2.1 mm plug with a center positive.

This will fit the plug on the top of the light panel. 
To be honest, while we can provide you with a power supply, we would have to charge you for the
shipping and it would be cheaper if you buy your own from a vendor like amazon.com.
If you decide to buy your own, look for a AC DC CCTV adaptor.

12 volt AC to 12 volt DC rectifier.

These can be used to adapt 12 volt AC systems to run 12 volt DC LED illuminated items like the
fireplace log set units shown at the top of the page. 

Price is $5.00 + S&H each.


In these units, the yellow wires on the right are connected to the AC power source.  The red and black wires on the left are
plus (+) and minus (-) DC and can handle up to about 100 LEDs.

Rectifier as delivered.

For price quotes and futher information, contact djzerbolio37@charter.net


If do you do not have an email program on your computer, clicking on the email addresses above may not work. 
To contact us, copy the email address into whatever program you are using and put "Light Panel" in the subject line. 

All proceeds from these sales enterprise will be used to fund the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis