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4746 Gravois Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 832-7790

This is the latest column by Joanne Martin, the President of the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis.

General Meeting

  Thanks to all who attended the general meeting.

  Marilyn Walls read the fiscal year report.  An updated list of board members and a copy of the fiscal report are included in the newsletter.  The museum  lost money this year.  However, it was because we had to have work done on the museum property.  We had to have the roof repaired, new steel doors put in the classroom, and the parking lot resurfaced.

  We have gotten lots of people from out of state and we receive so many nice comments about our museum.

  The Smallsea museum in Carmel, CA is closing.  They are selling their collection through an auction house.  We are happy that we are still perking along.

  Marilyn Walls has resigned as Treasurer and Meg Dietrich has agreed to take on this big job. Thanks so much, Meg.  We really appreciate your willingness to do this.

  Fay made a knitting basket of yarn for everyone who came to the meeting.  The extra ones will be for sale in the gift shop if anyone is interested.

  We honored the museum volunteers and presented them with a $10 gift certificate to be used at the museum gift shop and a free admission to the October 7-8 show that Teresa Zweiner is sponsoring.

  We had yummy refreshments and a good time visiting with members.  Be sure to plan to attend our next annual meeting in August of 2017.  You can meet and talk to your board members and also meet the general members who attend.

Garage Sale

  The garage sale held on August 27 was a lot of fun and we made over $750. We have some a few small structures  left.  If anyone is interested, just tell the museum workers you want to see them, and they will take you to the classroom so you can look at them.


  We have a good number of volunteers now but we can always use more to help us out in our staffing of the museum.  If anyone can help one or two days a month, please call me and we’ll work out a schedule.  It is an easy job and you can bring you own projects to work on if the museum isn’t busy.


  Donations of dollhouses, furniture, accessories, books and other donations have been made by:

  Pam Bacher
  Bill Cambron
  Linda Frye
  Linda Gearhart
  Edgar & Joan Hartzke
  Jane Jacobs
  Edward & Edith Jeude
  Joanne Martin
  Judy Pratt
  Myra Sherrod
  Estate of Lonna Volner
  Estate of Dorothy Wood

Monetary donations were made by:

  In Memory of Gerald “Red” 
    Gearhart:  Joanne Martin, Mary Ann Morley, Mary Wrenn, Fay Zerbolio
  In Memory of Stephanie Stith:  Marilyn Keshner, Fay Zerbolio,  Barbara Heinzen
  In Memory of Dorothy Wood:  Joanne Martin 
  Richard & Jackie Favazza
  Robert Mello
  Nancy Williger

  Thanks to everyone.  If you’ve donated something and your name isn’t in the newsletter, please notify Fay (314) 261-7439 (email FZerb@aol.com) and we’ll rectify this in the next newsletter.

Gift Shop

  We didn’t attend the Aztec Wholesale Show in August, but we did go to the Trade Show that Tom Bishop had at his spring show.  We got some things there for the gift shop.  Be sure to stop in and see the things that we have added .  Things are always changing because some donations that we receive go in the Gift Shop.


  We will be observing NAME Day on October 1.  Unfortunately, our deadline was August 15 and if you didn’t get your reservation in, it is too late.  We anticipate a fun time making this latest project.

October Miniature Show

  The museum will not be selling at the show that will be held October 7-8, but we will have some exhibits.   
  There will be some favorite returning dealers and some new dealers, so be sure to stop by the show to buy some mini treasures. 

  e-mail FZerb@aol.com