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4746 Gravois Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 832-7790

This is the latest column by Joanne Martin, the President of the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis.

October Show Report

  Some of the museum board members had exhibits at Teresa Zweiner’s October show.  There were other exhibitors there with displays.  If you didn’t attend the show and didn’t get to see the exhibits, you missed out on seeing some nice things.


  Donations of dollhouses, furniture, accessories, books, dolls and other things have been made by:

     Pam Bacher
     Meg Dietrich
     Estate pf Dorothy Wood
     Linda Gearhart
     Jane Jacobs
     Joanne Martin
     Rocky Rosen

  We received a very large dollhouse that is accessible on both sides.  This dollhouse is for sale and would be a great dollhouse for children (or even an adult).  Be sure to ask the board member at the museum to show you the dollhouse (in the classroom).


  I want to thank all the volunteers who staff the museum.  We couldn’t do it without YOU.  We depend on our volunteers for so much help and, believe me, we sincerely appreciate everything you do for the museum.  If anyone would like to participate in our volunteer efforts, just give me a call (314 822-7322) and we can work out a time to accommodate your schedule .  Remember, it takes very little training and you can bring a project of your own to work on if the museum isn’t busy.

Board Members

  Marilyn Walls has resigned from the board but we have two new board members:  Christina Fomera-Smith and Patsy Madinger.  Welcome ladies!  If anyone else is interested in joining the board, please call me and we can put your name in for consideration.  This is not a demanding job and it will help your museum survive.   We need some younger board members to step in to make sure our museum will

Building Renovation

   Dave, Joe & O.T. had the job of getting the Virginia Hulet dollhouse on the second floor. It was, indeed a job, but it is now upstairs.  It is a wonderful dollhouse so be sure to visit the museum to see it.  We have also redistributed some of the other things in our collection so, hopefully, they are easier to see.


  We have our holiday exhibits on display.  There are a some new exhibits joining the regular Christmas exhibits this year.  Be sure to visit the museum during this holiday season to check out the displays.
  Don’t forget that you can get a special miniature for that special someone on your list.  You can also get a gift certificate if you don’t have any  ideas on what to get them.

Window Decorations

  Be sure to check our the window on Delor, courtesy of Judy & Kay.  The window looks terrific.   Thanks, girls, for all your work.


  e-mail FZerb@aol.com