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4746 Gravois Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 832-7790

This is the latest column by Joanne Martin, the President of the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis.

Garage Sale

  We made over $1,300 at the March Garage Sale.  There was a nice turnout for the sale and we sold lots of things for the museum.  There was a lot of great stuff from dealers at the Fireman’s Hall.  Thanks to everyone who came to sell and those who came to buy.

Museum News

    We have had some things done to the outside of the building:  tuckpointing and a bit of painting outside.  There is still some outside painting that will need to be done to keep our building looking good.


  As usual, I am asking if anyone has a day or two a month to give to the museum as a volunteer.  We always need volunteers.  It is an easy job and you will be trained on-the-spot by  a board member.  You can bring a project to work on if it isn’t a busy day at the museum.

  Remember that volunteers receive thank-you gifts for helping us out.  We will send a free admission to the October miniature show that Teresa Zweiner is sponsoring, and a gift certificate to the museum gift shop. 
These thank-you gifts will be given out at the August membership meeting.


  Donations of dollhouses, furniture, accessories, books and other donations have been made by:

  Lois Apetz
  Judy Azadiraka
  Pam Bacher
  Bill Cambron
  Catherine DeWitt
  Estate of Dorothy Wood
  Estate of Anne Kropp Boomer
  Fran Gerardi
  Jane Jacobs
  Linda Rollins
  Rocky Rosen
  William & Mary Stewart

  Monetary donations were made by:

  In memory of Darlene Carters
    mother, Ruth Henniger:  Bev Boyer
  Jane Jacobs
  Rocky Rosen

  Thanks to everyone.  If you’ve donated something and your name isn’t in the newsletter, please notify Fay (314) 261-7439 (email FZerb@
aol.com) and we’ll rectify this in the next newsletter.

New Exhibits

  Dave, Joe & O.T. have built the base, tray and cover for four 1/2” scale dollhouses.  They are now on exhibit on the second floor.  We had two dollhouse shells (one is the Jackie Deiber’s Pepperwood) that Juanita Sellers finished for us years ago, and two houses we received from Fred & CarolynStephenson.  

  The guys lit all four of the houses which make it much easier to see the interiors.  THANK YOU so much  to our wonderfully inventive guys for doing this for the museum.

  Make sure to make a trip up the stairs to check out or latest dollhouses on exhibit. 

  They are currently working on lighting the dollhouse we received from the estate of Virginia Hulet.  It is a large house that is beautifully furnished.  Then they have to build the base, tray and cover for it.  Their jobs NEVER end.  We are so grateful to them.

  e-mail FZerb@aol.com