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4746 Gravois Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 832-7790

This is the latest column by Joanne Martin, the President of the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis.

Garage Sale

  The garage sale is scheduled for April 7.  We have received some dollhouses and furniture that we will be selling in the museum classroom at the garage sale.  We have gone through lots of supplies that we received over the years that we will not be using, so these things will be for sale in the garage sale.
  This sale will have dealers in the Firefighter’s Hall directly behind the museum, and the museum’s sale will be in the classroom.
  Time is running short for dealers and people who want to sell their unwanted miniatures at the garage sale.  So, if you are interested, please contact me 314-822-7322 and I will reserve a table for you.


  Thanks to the people who volunteered recently to join our ranks.  Thanks, also, to our regular volunteers.  We appreciate each and every one of you who are willing to give your time to help staff the museum.  We can always use more people, however, and if you can work please contact me (314) 822-7322 and we’ll work on a schedule that will work for you.  It is an easy job and if there aren’t people in the museum, you can work on your own project—so be sure to bring a project with you.


  Donations of dollhouses, furniture, accessories, books and other donations have been made by:

  Lois Apetz
  Pam Bacher
  Doris Benz
  Bill Cambron
  Catherine DeWitt
  Meg Dietrich
  Linda Gearhart
  Estate of Linda Groesch-Bobb
  Jane Jacobs
  Rebecca Niethammer
  Fay Zerbolio

  Monetary donations were made by:

  In memory of Ed Jeude: 
    Joanne Martin

  Thanks to everyone.  If you’ve donated something and your name isn’t in the newsletter, please notify Fay (314) 261-7439 (email FZerb@aol.com) and we’ll rectify this in the next newsletter.

Gift Shop

  Our gift shop is full of some wonderful things for sale.  We’ve had some donations that are in the gift shop now and more to come.  Be sure to check out the vintage items in addition to our regular things. Prices are great, too.

Our Worker Bees

  We have a new volunteer, Eric joining Dave, Joe & O.T.  Welcome, Eric, to the crew.
  They have been busy lighting some small exhibits, fixing the closed camera security system because we bought some additional cameras and had to replace part of our original


    In March and part of April, we will be exhibiting a few of the donations from Linda Groesch-Bobb’s family.  We received some of her wonderful quarter-scale things and it will take us a while to sort through them and choose a place to exhibit them.  We also have a few St. Patrick’s Day displays and our Easter displays since Easter will be April 1.  Be sure to plan a trip to the museum to see these exhibits.   


  If you haven’t visited our Facebook  page yet, please do so.  If you are a member of Facebook, put “Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis” in the Facebook search engine, and a list will come up.  Chose the link with the logo of our museum.  We have lots of followers and we update the page with pictures of our seasonal exhibits and the new exhibits as they are placed on exhibit.  “Like” our page, and become a “follower” to keep up with our posts.




  e-mail FZerb@aol.com