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We received  large collection from the estate of Dale Watson from Overland Park.  Here are a few of his collection now on display.

This scene was created by M.L. Johnson.  It is a lovely scene using all Bespaq pieces of furniture.

Here are some closeups of this piece.


Other pieces from Dale Watson

We received an original Brook Tucker creation from the estate of Linda Groesch-Bobb

We recently received this piece from the estate of Dale Watson.  It was created by Debbie Baughman, dolls by Gayle Clausen.  It is a New Orleans's Funeral.

This is a piece recently donated to the museum from the heirs of Linda Groesch-Bobb.  She created thiis piece.  It is a quarter-scale scene.

Dolls from Elly de Kraker, Amsterdam

Dolls from Jean Brooks, CA

We received a Mouse House from Elly de Kraker, Amsterdam.



We receieved this Franklin Mint Dollhouse, the Rose Cottage from Karen Horne.





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