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Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis
4746 Gravois Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 832-7790

Here are just a few things in the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis.  Much more awaits you on your visit.  
There are two pages of our collection.

We received a lovely dollhouse from Jayne Ganschinieitz  and it has 2 beautiful gardens.

Jayne's House 

Jayne's House

We received a beautiful dollhouse with surrounding landscaping and out buildings that was created by Suzanne Edwards.  This complex is on exhibit on the second floor.

The Dallas miniature museum that recently closed has donated to our museum some wonderful pieces. Here are some pictures of a few of the pieces currently on exhibit on both floors.




Other structures we have upstairs.







We received the miniature collection of Judy King, from Hot Springs, AR.  Here are just a few pictures of some of her pieces.  Some are currently on exhibit, and others will be exhibited in the near future.  

The Blue Wood Manor House




We received this lovely custom-built dollhouse from the estate of Jane Brown of Newburgh, IN, through the efforts of Ruth Blakeman, Mini-Mansions Dollhouse Shop, Owensboro, KY.  Mrs. Brown brought in a picture from a magazine and asked Mini Mansions to build this house.

The separate kitchen has a leaded glass roof.  Mrs. Brown constructed the floor tiles herself and designed the layout of this room.  The stove is by Hammer N Smith, and the hutch, painted chest, table and chairs is by James Hastrich.  The plates and pottery is by Jane Graber.

The three painted upholstered pieces in the living room are by Bluette Meloney, and the French pie table is by Harold Cudworth.  The paintings through the house are by Alice Mincer, J. P. Sligh, and P. Downing.

The oval table in the lower foyer is by Goeffrey Crawford.  The upper foyer Maine dressing table is by James Hastrich, mirror by Paul Moore, and candlestick by Brooke Tucker.

The dining room gateleg table and chairs are by Geoffrey Crawford, the faux marble-top side table by Frank Hanley, and the silver candlesticks by Pete Aquisto.


The painted bedroom set is by Renee Isabelle, and the bronze by Jim Pounder.  The canopy bed is by Goeffrey Crawford and the chest on chest by James Hastrich.  

This house and furnishings should be seen to person to be truly appreciated.

St. Louis IX Basilica
"The Old Cathedral"

The replica of the St. Louis IX Basilica, known as  "The Old Cathedral", in downtown St. Louis was built in 1975 by Dr. Richard Wunderlich, D.D.S. and exhibited in 1981 at the NAME Convention held in St. Louis.  It has previously been exhibited in the museum at the Basilica and we are very grateful to Mrs. Wunderlich's generosity in allowing us to exhibit this wonderful addition to the museum.  

This replica was constructed entirely by hand on a scale of 3/8" to the foot, taking approximately 3,800 hours. Dr. Wunderlich incorporated such items as golf tees, hypodermic needles, tongue depressors, wooden applicators, dental burs, antique buttons, pill bottles, Christmas decorations and other everyday items.

If you'd like to learn more about the 'real' Basilica--the first Cathedral west of the Mississippi and dedicated in 1834--please visit:  http://www.oldcathedralstl.org/

The Bevo Mill

The Bevo Mill is a St. Louis landmark built in 1916 by August Busch and is directly across the street from the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis.  The Bevo Mill is open for special parties.  If you'd like to read more about the full size Bevo Mill, please visit:  http://www.beertravelers.com/details/missouri/bevo.html

The Bevo Mill in Miniature

We have on exhibit a miniature of the Bevo Mill on loan from the Carondolet Historical Society built in 1995 by Willis J. Poethoff. 

Gudgel Houses

The museum received 20 Gudgel houses from the estate of Betty Martin of Kentucky.  

In 1979, Gil & Marge Gudgel from New York, were asked to make a 1:144 scale Cape Cod style house as a souvenir for the National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts Houseparty.  the souvenir was so well received that they began making more of these little houses.  They held workshops each year at the miniature Fall Weekend in Boston.  They worked together teaching the day-long workshop and students had to finish that day.  All the structures can be opened and have rooms inside, but are not finished inside.  If the structure is a special edition or limited edition, it will have a number.  Each house was also signed M. Gudgel and G. Gudgel.  The student was also assigned a number which appears on the bottom of the house.  The student was given advance notice of a new building.  Gil and Marge Gudgel died in the 1990s and their children, Peggy, Carol, and Tom, carried on the business for several years.

The Venegoni Collection

Rita Venegoni, a St. Louis miniaturist, died in February 1998 at age 82.  She started collecting dollhouse miniatures some forty years ago.  Fifty-seven of Rita’s shops, rooms, and outdoor settings were donated to the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis through the efforts of her grandson, Michael Venegoni, Jr.  Rita has the pieces of many artisans—nationally known and local—displayed in her vignettes. The items shown are: pictures of the Game Room, Nursery, the Soda Shop, the 1960s Kitchen, Pet Shop, and 1960s Family Room.  There are many more awaiting your visit.


The Jane Betz Collection

The museum is fortunate to have 4 buildings created by Jane Betz, a St. Louis miniaturist.  Her largest and most original creation is the Shopping Center.  It was built by a local architect, Kenneth Schaefer according to Jane's plans.  We also have a Victorian Farmhouse, a 4-story Apartment, and Santa's Summer Home.



The Tarry Houses

Allan and Ann Tarry’s two dollhouses, the Georgian, and the Victorian, were donated to the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis in 1997 after her death.  Both houses were completed between the years 1972 and 1975. They were purchased but extensively customized and contain many pieces of Kupjack silver Ann purchased from the Art Institute in Chicago. Most of the furniture is by Sonia Messer and was purchased from Marshall Field in Chicago, near their home of Berwyn, IL. Ann joined NAME in 1975 and attended several Houseparties.



Included in their collection were several pieces of Eugene Kupjack silver.  The table and the chess set is also a Kupjack piece.



The Stephenson Houses

We received two lovely houses from Carolyn and Fred Stephenson, from Kansas City area.  They were designed and built by Fred and finished and decorated by Carolyn.  Fred was an architect who wrote articles for Nutshell News.  They taught classes for many years to their club and at miniature shows.  Fred was also a model train enthusiast and one of his dollhouses has an elaborate train layout.  Beautiful.  These houses are on exhibit on the first floor.


The Frank Ress Collection

Three acquisitions from Frank Rees of Waukegan have been added to our collection.  They are a Doctor's Office, Opera Scene from La Boehme, and the Playboy's Penthouse.

We have two houses donated from Mary Alice Weiskotten.  One is what she referred to as the "Mansion", and a rustic farm house.  Both are pictured below.

The museum has a collection of scale dolls in addition to dollhouses, roomboxes, vignettes, furniture, artisan pieces, and specialty items on display.







This acquisition is a one-level shopping center.  A miniature club in Hutchingson, KS was instrumental in the museum receiving this donation.  This piece is on the second floor of the museum.

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