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Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis

4746 Gravois
St. Louis, MO 63116
(314) 832-7790

9 a.m.—4 p.m.

To enroll in this clinic, print the form at the bottom of this page (or print one from the website and send to the address at the bottom of the form.

We will brightly illuminate your miniature with front-edge lighting. Basically, we will install LED strips to the top front edge of the rooms which will cast a lot of light into the room. We will use warm white LEDs which produce the pleasing color that most miniaturists are used to—incandescent lights. You will be able to watch as well as help during the installation so you will have an idea of what is being done.

Here's the way it works. The reservation fee is $25, your reservation is confirmed when we receive your fee.

At our clinic, we will actually light your miniature. We will charge you for the parts and components we use. To take advantage of our service, you will have to make a reservation in advance.

The clinic will begin at 9:00 a.m. in the large classroom at the back of the museum building. There's a door on the Delor side of the museum opens directly into the classroom, or if your miniature is really large, a double door on the other side of the classroom space.

Since it takes some time to do the job, we will have to limit the number of houses we can light 6-7 houses or 12 roomboxes or a combination of both. Therefore, RESERVATIONS ARE NECESSARY!  When we get your reservation, we will contact you to find out how many things you want to electrify and we will set up the time for you to arrive.

We will install the power wires and the LEDs and get the front edge of your walls ready for YOU to trim them out. We will do all the electrical wiring and installation and you will do the final trimming to hide the wiring according to your own taste in color and finish. When you've finished with your trim, none of the wiring will show and your rooms will be brightly lit. After the wiring is done, you will take your miniature home with you. It is your responsibility to transport your miniature to and from the museum classroom for our clinic.

If you wish to see examples of what we are doing, please visit the museum and look at some of the houses and hanging wall cabinets that we've recently lit. 

Using LED's in this way have many benefits. First, they have a much longer lifetime—the ones we will use are rated at 50,000 to 100,000 hours.

Another problem with incandescent bulbs is the heat they generate. LEDs are much more efficient and generate almost no heat. As a result, LEDs remain cool to the touch, whereas, if you've ever touched an incandescent bulb after it's been on for a while, the difference should be clear.

Because many folks don't have or want to bring in their creations, but want to learn how to light on their own, this year, we are offering a an option where, for $25, you can watch and ask questions about what were doing and therefore learn how you can light your own miniature.
Hope to see you in our clinic.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at djzerbolio@gmail.com.

1 Room Roombox - $25 plus components
Houses - $25 first room, $10 each additional room

We will provide all wiring, LEDs, solder, glue, tools, and trim at cost plus a small mark-up.  All profits go to the museum.



Make check payable to the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis, and send $25 Reservation Fee to Fay Zerbolio, 8239 Glen Echo Dr., St. Louis, MO 63121





$25 Reservation Fee Enclosed.  You will pay for electrifying you miniature and the supplies at the time of the class.